It took me almost 2 years to fully divest all my shares in BBR Holdings, but as of today (09/11/2018), FINALLY! Someone took the remaining shares from me so… for the 1st time in… 5 YEARS (yes, I’ve been an unfortunate shareholder for 5 years), TTI is no longer holding a single share in BBR Holdings.

Good riddance!

Well, I’ve written extensively about BBR Holdings, so I shan’t go back to talk about it much. At 1 point, I was holding over 2.3mil shares in BBR Holdings, and managed to divest just over half in 2017 at near it’s multi year peak. Unfortunately, with such a large stake in an illiquid company, it’s hard to divest quickly, and it took me almost the entire of 2018 to sell off the remaining.

Overall, it has been a slightly profitable investment quantum wise, if dividends are included, but ultimately, an absolutely …