As at 13 November 2018, ParkwayLife REIT (PLife REIT) is trading at S$ 2.61 an unit, the lowest price since it has risen to a high of S$ 3.00 in January 2018.

Source: Google Finance

You may ask:

  1. How anyone could have avoided buying units of PLife REIT at S$ 3.00 in January 2018? 
  2. Is S$ 2.61 an unit now a good price point to invest in PLife REIT?

Like always, I believe investors should not just invest based solely on looking at stock prices. It is likened to one who buys fish in the wet market just because it is cheap. Isn’t it logical for us to check the quality of the fish first before making a decision to buy it from the fishmonger?

If the fish is good, then, we consider buying it if it is at a good price. If …