When I first started out on my buying stock, I search all over the internet for information on how to purchase a stock. But there wasn’t much info out there(Trust me, I still haven’t found any yet).

So here is a step by step guide on how to purchase a stock on DBS VICKERS(Apologies for not showing how to link the brokerage to CDP, but I have absolutely no way to replicate those step, you can comment below if you need any help though)
Step 1)Transfer money into your DBS Vickers account
How much to transfer? Well, it depends on how much your budget to purchase those stock and whether you have enough in your bank(laugh)Ok, a little serious note, if you are not sure, you can check out my last week post hereBeing the nice guy that I am, here is the information from last week post as followsCurrently, the brokerage fee for DBS cash upfront account is 0.18%,