2018 was a pretty meh year for investing. 

Stock markets around the world are in the red for the year. As I’m writing this, the S&P 500 is down 7%, the FTSE is down 12%, and Singapore’s very own STI is down 10%. What do we make of all this?

If you were investing in 2018, you’re probably getting a little nervous by now. You’re probably asking: Did I make the right choice? Is this all is massive scam? Should I just give up now and cut my losses?

It’s interesting, because there’s a character in the Bible who asked these very same questions thousands of years ago. What can his story teach us about how to think about investing and psychology today? 

As a recap, we’re doing a series about extracting practical wisdom from the Bible. As one of the world’s oldest collections of wisdom, the Bible is a treasure trove of