Another year has passed. The days are slow but the year went quickly. Another year closer to death. Time to review how 2018 went before setting my direction for 2019.

Priority No. 1: Mental and Spiritual Health

– Meditate at least 3x a week

Achieved. (Grade: A)

– Think about death once a week

Partially achieved. (Grade: B)

Definitely increasingly aware of my mortality but remain challenged and comforted by the words of Seneca: “Life is long, if you know how to use it.” Mindful living is an imperative.

Priority No. 2: Physical Health

– Get at least 7 hours of sleep per day

Generally Achieved. (Grade: A-)

Got 7 hours of sleep per day on average.

– Low-carb lunches on weekdays

Generally achieved. (Grade: A-)

No-carbs lunch is the default on weekdays but there were some cheat days here and there. In any …