Inspired by the post “What will you do with 9 million?” on Singaporean Talks Money, I start to wonder what I would do if I really win the TOTO. I do buy TOTO occasionally especially during special draw when the prize money is much more. Who knows, lady luck might shin on me someday, so I’d better be ready ?.
After some thoughts, here’s a list of what I would do with the winnings, in some sorts of order depending on how much I win.
1)     Not tell anyone except on a need to know basis.
2)     Keep current job and maintain at my comfort zone or change to a less demanding job.
3)     Donate about 5 to 10% of winnings to charity.
4)     Pay back CPF housing loan.
5)     Max out Singapore Savings Bond
6)     Spend $2 million on a 2nd property and rent out the current HDB.