This Valentine’s Day, readers are in for a treat !

Today, I will explain in detail my quantitative approach towards finding a significant other.

If I become a dating coach, I will become so rich, Warren Buffett will be asking me for financial advice.

If every guy follows my approach towards meeting women, SDN will cease to exist and no one will use Tinder anymore.

Here is how to adopt a quantitative approach to seeking love.

a) Decide to make a choice about your life partner.

Once upon a time, I was matchmade to a lady banker. After two dates, we decided to mutually call it off.

Allowing yourself to be subject to matchmaking is to surrender yourself to fate. Amor fati is the love of one’s fate and promoted by philosophers like Nietzsche to suggest that one should view things like suffering as ultimately a good thing. Perhaps consequently, Nietzsche went insane from syphilis before he