So, here is a short story. My Mother turns 55 in April this year, and she’s been bugging my older brother and I to help her consider the options and whether she should opt for the Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) or Full Retirement Sum (FRS) for her CPF Savings, because she is simply confused.

“By the way, she also happens to be an English speaking, educated, Senior staff engineering manager who has worked in a EU and US Multi National Corporation for over 20 years.”

It really got me thinking, beyond the fiasco of the current 65 or 70 year old opt in issue now with the CPF, I came across a very fact-based piece of sharing by one of our community members in the Seedly Personal Finance community, of which I have asked if we could kindly repost to our large Millennial base here in Singapore. (Credit: Mark Rozells