My mum is in the Merdeka Generation (MG), oops, revealing her age range here.

So of course, she has been wanting to hear about what she would get from the government.

With what was announced at the Budget 2019, she will be getting:

1. PAssion Silver Card Top-up

There would be a $100 placed into their PAssion Silver Card, which they can use for public transport, swimming pools and courses at the community clubs.

More details would be announced in June 2019 for this $100 top up.

2. Annual MediSave Top-up

There would be annual top-ups into MG’s Medisave from 2019 to 2023 in the month of July making it $200 X 5 years = $1000.

This is a pretty good incentive as my mum does use her medisave for her medical checks and hence this amount is useful for her. 

3.  Additional outpatient care subsidies

This is where there would be an additional 25% off subsidised bill at