Financial relief is coming soon to women who are at risk of having childbirth complications. Starting in April, MediShield Life will cover 24 pregnancy and childbirth complications According to Edwin Tong, the Senior Minister of State for Health, as many as 4,000 patients per year will benefit from these changes. In this article, we investigate what this news means for expectant mothers and how it could impact them financially.

What Conditions Will Be Covered & How Common Are They?

A total of 24 pregnancy-related conditions will now be covered under MediShield Life. These conditions include some common complications such as still-births, medically necessary abortions, gestational diabetes mellitus, ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhage and uterine rupture. Currently, it is predicted that these additional coverages can benefit up to 4,000 women per year, but as more women over 40 are becoming pregnant, the number of women affected by pregnancy complications can increase. This is