2019 marks the year I’ve vested in CapitaMall Trust for 1 decade and interestingly, this is the only 2nd time during that 10-year period that I am writing something about it.

CapitaMall Trust was the first REIT that was listed in Singapore stock exchange in 2002 and it was also the first REIT that I’ve vested post 2008 GFC.  The reason for my investment, my take on its potential upside, downside and expectation were all listed in Journey To Retirement Part 5 — CapitaMall Trust.

So what has changed for the past 10 years ?  Well it still remain the same that CapitaMall Trust is an “income stock” in my portfolio.  Vested at $1.155 then and at the closing price of $2.38 (as of 29th Mar 2019), that is having an unrealized capital gain of 103.58% and not to forget the dividend collected so far achieving a 87.00% return.  As a whole,