Dividend investors are constantly searching for companies that can sustain and grow their dividends over time. One way to find these companies is to look for those that have a long-term dividend track record, preferably more than 10 years.

Can we find such companies in Singapore?


In fact, I will share with our readers three Singapore companies that have paid out dividends for more than 20 years.

The first company is Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Limited (SGX: O39), or OCBC. One of the three major banks based out of Singapore.

1. OCBC Limited (SGX: 039)

OCBC has been paying dividends for more than 20 consecutive years. In 1998, it paid a dividend per share (DPU) of S$0.16. The bank has since grown its dividend payout to S$0.43 in 2018. Though the growth in DPU has not been smooth, OCBC has not missed any dividend payments over the last 20