Recently on my Citibank Cashback card, they removed the Citi Dollar scheme.
I didn’t know about it.
We hardly use the card, but somehow there was $14 on my wife’s card and I don’t know how much was on my card.
The values expired worthless. Cos we didn’t know about the end of the scheme and I don’t check my credit card bill so I wasn’t up to date with the information.
Since I don’t use this card often, I just pay off whatever I charge via AXS immediately after I charge. So I don’t need to check the online bill at the end of the month.

Also, for UOB One card, there is SMART$. It’s a similar program. Except that the SMART$ expires every 6 months. I haven’t been spending on petrol using the UOB One card. But I used to get 7% rebates in SMART$ when I used to pump at Shell…
Similarly, I