Over the weekend, I became vilified on Facebook. For the crime of daring to own an opinion.

A respected friend of mine had posted a link to a book published by Liyana Dhamirah, Homeless.

This book is basically a feel-good, comeback story, about someone who overcame great odds, to re-plant her feet firmly on the ground. 

In an interview with Mothership, the author recounts being pregnant with her first at age 16, and tolerated an repeatedly infidel husband. Both her and husband were eventually cast out by her mother-in-law on Hari Raya no less, and ended up on Sembawang Beach. By that time, she was already pregnant with her third child.  Bizarrely, she also quit her job at around the same time. Her story goes on to detail the bureacratic hoops she had to jump through to qualify for public shelters.

A few questions immediately burned in my mind.

1) Is it not irresponsible to