Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Over the recent weekend, we were planning out our finances and getting ready for our deposit for our banquet. And we thought, why not share our many hours of research into an article with our readers and community members?

Here’s How We Plan To Redeem a 2-way Business Class Ticket For A Couple

The ticket will be for a Singapore Airlines (SQ) flight from Singapore to New Zealand for our Honeymoon about one year from now in 2020. If we used cash, this would have cost us $10,631 for a pair of return tickets.

And let me clarify:

We are an average-joe couple (regular earning duo) We normally take budget airlines (Jetstar, Scoot, AirAsia) on regular trips We don’t qualify for those crazy high-income credit cards (eg. AMEX Platinum charge) We are planning a pretty generic wedding banquet next year at a local hotel We