There’s a Chinese idiom that goes: “活到老,学到老” which means “one is never too old to learn”.

Languages unlock a world of possibilities for you in terms of living, working and exploring.

It also helps as a conversation starter, and it instantly connects you with people from vastly different cultures from all over the world.

Also, you get minor bragging rights when the waiter asks for your order in a foreign land, and you’re able to reply without skipping a beat.

Source: Tenor

(German: Two bratwursts, please.)

Convinced that you should spend your time picking up a foreign language? Here is a list of language schools in Singapore to choose from. And since here at Seedly, we’re all about making smarter financial decisions, I’ve also included options which you are SkillsFuture subsidised.

Note: Singaporeans above the age of 25 may claim your SkillsFuture credit of $500 for several of these