I might have written about this before (and people ask me how I can keep writing for so many years *laughs*) but this is absolutely worth writing again. Our parents can use our CPF MediSave (CPF-MA) money if they have exhausted their annual limit.

Especially for folks with chronic conditions, this is important. My dad has cardio medical issues which meant lots of medication. He may have five-figures in his own Medisave but once the annual limit for outpatient treatments is reached, he will be asked to cough up cash for payments.

As you can see, my annual limit is $500 of which I’ve used $289.60 for my parents as per what was stated in the invoice. This isn’t an issue for me since my CPF-MA is ‘full’ i.e. reached the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) for 2019.

Of course I’d rather use my CPF-MA than cash.