Polarising views regarding the recent speech that Greta Thunberg gave at the United Nation’s meeting have surfaced and are spreading wildly on social media.
One side praised her for determination and bravery, and admire her for pushing world leaders to act on climate change.
Another side said her speech was too cringy, that she was hypocritical, amongst much other criticism.
I figure I could give my 2-cent view on this whole thing (environment and her speech) since this is what this blog is about (although this is not a finance post, this is a platform for betterment).
PS: this is a long post, I’ll try and break it down into headers you can follow.
But, let’s start with a video of her speech:

Let’s get some facts straightened out before we continue
1. Climate change is real, most of it comes from our man-made activities.
2. Climate change can cause serious damage to biodiversity (animals and