My wife recently gave birth at Thomson Medical, ​we were required by doctor to stay​ an extra day in hospital and the bill came up an additional $4000!!!

My confinement nanny is very good cook, and when I took her grocery shopping for 1 chicken, the receipt scroll touched the ground and total was $73 for the many things purchased!

​Also, during confinement, we noticed that baby had a little block nose, we ​bought a Xiaomi Air Purifier for $200.

​This is the maternity industry.

Pregnancy is going to cost you a lot of money.

Let’s talk about the top 10 ways to save money for your Pregnancy

​This article stems from real experience with actionables.​

And it is not telling you ​big concepts like skipping Starbucks

B​ut​ cost of 4 cups of Starbucks ​each day ​being invested is probably going to give you