We’re heading into the marketing mix taught to most MBAs which is the 4Ps of  Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Interestingly the author claims that in HK and Singapore, “people selling” and “physical evidence” would extend the marketing model into the 6Ps.

We will only be taking a short while to talk about product differentiation.

A great example of product differentiation in the book is Haagen-Daaz  that added more butterfat and pumped less air to build a new category called premium ice-cream. I was shocked to discover that Haagen Daaz actually came from New York, hardly the kind of place conjured by it’s classy Swiss-like brand name.

Unfortunately for me, I entered an industry that isn’t exactly a Blue Ocean zone. It is not difficult to find videos on various value investing or get rick quick courses on the Internet. Complicating matters are the really well-run Telegram groups that I am already part