2019 marks the year that I’ve invested in SIA for a decade.  This will be the 5th stock in my investment portfolio after Genting Singapore, First Reit, SingPost and CapitaMall Trust to be in the “10-years club”. 

So anything to cheer about ?  Afraid not from the perspective of return.  Invested in 2009 at a price of $11.12 and adding some more a year later to make the holding price at $12.07.  At the price of $9.1 on 21st Oct 2019, this gives an unrealized loss of -25.01% (annualized -2.84%) and a dividend return of +36.99%.  This produces an overall return of +11.98% (annualized +1.14%).  As a whole the return is still positive with the inclusion of dividend but on purely capital return, probably at least 60% of the time during the 10 years period it is in the red.  A little comfort is this investment is not like those dudes