Earlier today, Mr Budget executed three trades in his Singapore portfolio, and I thought to document down the various reasons why.

Frasers Logistics And Industrial Trust

First, Mr Budget sold off Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust.

Mr Budget holds a relatively small position in FLT and over the past one and a half year holding it, I recorded a 25% increase in gain including the dividend.

As the position is small, the profits were less than S$1000. 

FLT is a strong and stable counter, with properties mainly in Australia.

Their financials looked ok and has been increasing steadily. However, while the company recorded an increase in DPU, when translated the gain from SGD to AUD, the DPU actually dropped. Because of the worsening of the currency, the saw a declined in DPU in terms of SGD terms.

AUD vs SGD Forex Rate over the past 5 years