Dyson’s plans for an electric car plant in Singapore may have been scrapped, but that doesn’t spell the end of the gradual demand for electric vehicles (EVs).

Early teething issues – including poor infrastructure, limited range and a lack of charging stations – meant a slower pick-up rate back in 2016, with just 12 registered EV drivers. As of 2018, though, that number had grown to 560 EVs, backed by demand from EV owners, car rental services and ‘greener’ taxi services.

Source: tenor

In this guide, we take you through the following:

Types of Electric Vehicles (EVs) The True Cost of Owning An EV Charging Points and Prices Petrol Prices vs EV Charging Costs Electric Car Rental and Taxi Services Electric Vehicles in Singapore Types of Electric Vehicles (EV)

Are electric vehicles one and the same? was my question while researching the (admittedly foreign) world of electric cars.

In fact,