Not too long ago, I discovered one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves and everyone around us. It’s not an intentional nor a malicious lie, but it’s a lie that limits us in more ways that we could imagine.

It’s just 5 words. 5 words that we say in absolute exasperation many times. 5 damning words that makes us completely and utterly out of control. “I don’t have the time”

We’ve all been there and we’ve all said this, haven’t we. Do we stop to think about what it truly means to be saying that sentence so often? We all have the same amount of time a day. 24 marvelous hours. We each fill it up with different activities but when the clock hits 12 at night, that 24 hours is over and a new day sets in for each of us. At 7am, some are walking their child to school, some are doing a trail run, some are having breakfast with family and some are still sleeping. We are all doing this because we choose to do it.