I am interested in more of your specific thoughts on how to assess and decide whether someone is ‘toxic’ and ‘negative’. How soon do you decide and are you often accurate? Do you have some unique tips and practical ways of identifying these people?

Kuriko asked a very interesting question and I’d like to address it as a post. Cos the answer is long and I think it’s important.

As we/I go through life, I realize that the people I hang around are very important.
Values, ideas, mentality, encouraging, negative, positive, sucks my energy or gives me peace.

And I think it’s important to find good people to hang around.

And personally, I’m quite strict about this criteria, cos it determines how happy I am. I don’t want to hang around folks who negatively impact my well-being. Even family members. Cos they are a family member, they can even more easily impact my personal