Chinese New Year is only a week away but I just can’t wait to feast on one of my favourite dishes, the Pen Cai Treasure Pot!

While it’s a relatively new dish for reunion dinners in Singapore, Pen Cai originated all the way back from the Song Dynasty and made its way to Hong Kong.

Source: Yàn

If you’re thinking that the pen cai looks too full to pick from, it’s done on purpose as the almost overflowing ingredients signifies an abundance of prosperity and wealth. Huat ah! 

In a way, there’s no standard recipe or ingredient list for pen cai treasure pot.

It’s a one-pot dish of the best ingredients, and you’re free to add on more ingredients depending on how luxurious you want yours to be!

Some common ingredients you can find? Expect abalone, oysters, fish maw, sea cucumber, crabs, scallops, black moss and the list