In Part I, we briefly glazed the community aspect between private residential properties and HDB flats based on my singular experience.

Today, we aim to broach a couple more key differences between both residential types with a number of stories from our readers.

Now it is understandable why many prefer HDB units (yes, even wealthy families/bachelors).

After all, housing prices in Singapore are exorbitant due to land cost.

And with all the grey area that goes into securing a high-probability ‘ROI unit’ (it’s best to seek some form of expert opinion before you do), many of us prefer to invest our money elsewhere.

Truth is, you could probably use all that extra cash to thoroughly renovate your house, or divide it across a couple of lavish travel trips through the years.

(Probably also explains why you see all those supercars under your buddy’s HDB block)

Maybe you’re a young