Facebook always in my radar for trades. Due to all the bad publicity and scandal surrounding the company, it has created a perfect opportunity to make profit from it. Like Warren Buffett always said ” You don’t have to swing at every pitch”, look for the right moment and hit the home run.  
 If you referred back to my past posting on my FB position in 2018, you realized that I’m buying at the worst timing when they announced Cambridge Analytical Data scandal. I barely survived the 30% plunge in stock price. A hard pill for me to swallow with my pride.      
You can refer to my past posting about FaceBook in the link below:

Facebook 2018….being poked?

The user growth for Facebook always impressive. I don’t see it will saturate anytime soon even thought almost half of the populations on Earth already joined its ecosystem. Minimum age for joining Facebook is 13 years old. Every year there will be a new generations in tens of millions reaching age of 13 years to be