Title’s self explanatory…

“J” from Datascienceinvestor asked to exchange guest posts, but since I hardly bother to post much myself here these days, I declined, but offered to give him a guest post instead.

“J” asked for suggestions, and since my last post was on the top 5 generals for my new fund, I suggested any 1 of the 5 names and he picked Visa. (TTI’s Top 5 Generals)

So without further ado, go check his site out. I did, and it’s……. different, I guess. Something refreshing for a change. See if you find this useful.

Some of the numbers and figures in the post may be slightly off, that’s not a mistake on the part of the author, but rather, simply cos I’ve been a bit tardy in posting this.

Visa’s share price has risen substantially since the author wrote this. But still, most of the data should be