Continued from STI Analysis — the next peak and trough ? (58)

Awaiting for rule violation to invalidate.

The bigger picture has not changed for this scenario.  STI is now in the Cycle wave (Y) of the SuperCycle wave ((2)).  However, based on the past 2 weeks performance, the lower degree perhaps need some adjustment.

The above chart has a slight different from the previous analysis.  Previous analysis labeled the performance since after the CNY break as Minute wave count instead of Minor degree.  However, the wave c if it is a Minute wave count has not occurred and based on the time frame it is unlikely that is considered as Minute degree.  Thus, the chart has adjusted it to Minor degree.  STI is now doing the Minor wave (b) of the Intermediate wave ((c)) of the Primary wave C of Cycle wave (Y).

The above is the close up on the wave count