Some insights from Psychology – More loose ends from the previous talk.

There is one loose-end from the last talk. Apparently, my presentation slides were not the latest version which I sent to the company admin. This turned out to be a good thing because, this way, my talk ended on time and it might turn out out to be more draggy otherwise. Just thought I'd share information about the missing slides and in the meantime showcase to the more intermediate readers … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #6 : LLBs


Interactions with LLBs are the fundamental difference between SMU and NUS's approach towards legal education for mid-career professionals. SMU prefers that mid-career professionals interact with themselves first with limited exposure to LLBs to come later. NUS would thrown their JD-equivalent to swim with the sharks from day one. JDs will generally begin to have encounters with LLBs when they … [Read more...]

Personal thoughts after last night’s talk on Stress-free investing

Ok, I've finally recovered from last night's talk. Let's talk about what happened last night from my perspective. Last night, Lionel gave passionate speech about automating one's investments using ETFs and Alvin Chow spoke about implementing the permanent portfolio. As for me, I was barely sticking to the original intent of the company directors when they set out the topic for the event. I … [Read more...]

Equity Management #12 : Enhanced Active Equity Strategies 130-30 Portfolio.

If you can imagine a long-short market neutral portfolio, it would be quite easy to imagine a 130-30 portfolio. The first step is to find some sort of a prime broker. [ Some helpful folks pointed me to foreign brokers Ameritrade to see if it is possible to construct such portfolios which facilitate the shorting of stocks. Based on I have been told, ┬áprime brokerage services are not available … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #5 : On Foreign Students

And I am not done ! Today I will do an article on foreign students and tomorrow I will talk about LLBs. My JD experience would not have been such a positive experience without foreign students. Older candidates tend to be minority and tends to get sidelined due to the generation gap. This makes them excellent partners with foreign students who can also be marginalised but for different … [Read more...]

Personal Update – Turned down monthly 5-figure job to pursue my legal ambitions.


If you google the word "decision" and you will know that the roots came from an old Latin word which literally means "to cut off". This is the central theme of my personal update today. a) Just crossed the Rubicon - a legal career it is ! Two days after my final exams, a headhunter contacted me to look at some fairly attractive IT roles in a large MNC. I was willing to look into it because I … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #4 : Generation Y Lower Division ( 20-something year olds )

A lot of what I'm going to say about 20-something year olds might be coloured because of the ridiculous generation gap between myself and them. And this often leads to hilarious interactions when I work with them in a team : In one instance, when a classmate's boyfriend showed up to pick her up, I told her that her "BAE" is here. She told me to stop using that term because it's very mushy … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #3 : Generation Y – Upper Division ( 30-somethings )

My post for today is about who the JD course should really be intended for - 30-something folks who have a wealth of experience who want some legal training either to supplement their professional careers or wish to bring their professional expertise into the legal industry. This is a very wide demographic so my comments are going to be fairly general. The good candidates are highly sought … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #2 : Folks you will meet at the course – Generation X.

By the time I can write this, I feel a lot better. My grades are finalised and I managed to just squeeze north of the equivalent of an honours classification. This closes another chapter of my life. To discuss the folks who you will get to meet in Law School, perhaps it is better to break it down into three separate articles. First before I start my fairly candid write-up, I'd just like … [Read more...]

Equity Management #11 : Alpha Transport with Derivatives

First, a short personal update, I am still acclimatising myself to a 9 to 6 routine and struggling with a 6.5 hour daily sleep cycle so I am still tired after work. Given time, I should be able to return to my old blogging momentum. So far, I am enjoying my internship. At least I can spend my time on public transport reading investing books and not some legal case or textbook. I don't miss … [Read more...]

Quick Personal Update : Leisure Phail !

I don't really have anything substantial to share today and some readers from SMU Law School may be eagerly awaiting for my "kiss and tell" article on this blog. Right now, I am not in the right frame of mind to complete that article because our professors are slowly releasing the results of the final semester, as I am teetering on the brink of losing a decent degree classification, my state of … [Read more...]

Next Talk : Investing with Less Stress. ( 18th May 2017 )


Ok, it's time to start promoting our next talk again and this time round, we're happy to say that we're back to talking about investing in the stock markets. You can get more information on how to book your seat by following this link here. This time, you should act quickly because we've consistently sold out for all our talks but we've actually got a smaller venue. The topic of our next … [Read more...]

Equity Management #10 : Example on how a market neutral portfolio is constructed.

This is for the benefit of some readers who want more information on market neutral portfolios. Right now, I still have no idea how a retail investor can get started on this form of investing and would be really grateful if intermediate investors can give me some tips on which brokers can provide this service. My only guess is that if you are high net worth, you might be able to talk to your … [Read more...]

Random musings about Bangkok.

This is not a lifestyle blog but I spent the last 3 days in Bangkok in a fairly intense but fun trip. Here are some random thoughts from my trip. a) Singapore is losing on many fronts to Bangkok in retail and entertainment The retail situation in Bangkok is really so much larger in terms of scale and variety. The first thing you notice is that there is no "Capital Mall" effect and each … [Read more...]

My JD aftermath #1 : Was it worth it ?

Ok, I've got sometime to blog before I head to Bangkok over the weekend for some serious shopping and eating. A couple of days after my last paper, some headhunters have started talking to me and I had a serious chance to ask myself what would be my desired price tag to postpone my legal ambitions. I have since calculated a number and have gotten back to them and they still seem … [Read more...]

Equity Management #9 : Long-short equity investing.

For the next few years, I will be stretching myself beyond the usual yield investing which has been instrumental in allowing me to reach this current of financial independence. One of the approach I am toying with is the use of leverage, I hope to start building a small portfolio which has a modest amount of leverage to magnify my dividend yields. The longer plan is to look at long-short … [Read more...]

Personal update – Done with my JD programme ( Hopefully ! )


And just like that, I completed my final exam in SMU and I guess I would have met all the requirements to graduate with a Juris Doctor qualification. While I would have preferred to end my SMU stint in a high, my last paper was brutal and I found myself lacking the time to craft a coherent response to the exam questions. Nevertheless I should be able to move onto the next stage where I start … [Read more...]

Mystics Secrets of the Eunuch Sorcerer !


Before I go for my exams and take 10 days off my blogging, I'd just like to address the amazing traction of my Eunuch post by looking at ways for a fresh graduate public servant to rapidly create a portfolio that can facilitate an early exit from stifling bureaucratic environment. The public service is a lot more forgiving for entry-level personnel and you will find that your early salary … [Read more...]

Equity Management #8 : Front-running and factor crowding.

If you follow this series on my blog, one of things you will realise is that it is increasingly harder and harder to come up with actionable ideas for readers as the equity management textbook becomes even more abstract. I was wading through 3 chapters on smart beta investing before I could compose this article. Nevertheless, this column is probably meant more for my own investment education than … [Read more...]

If you’re an eunuch, here’s how to grow a pair !


When I left the private sector, I was already financially independent. But I wanted to see if I could get into a career which would stretch longer and give me work life balance. Unfortunately, my tenure out of the private sector was very short and I never managed to get used to the culture of the public sector. It's actually sad what public servants had to endure in the past few months. One … [Read more...]