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Stock Chart: Kepcorp!
By Dou  •  June 14, 2011

On Tuesday, Kepcorp broke the support at $10.90 and closed at $10.86 with HIGH volume of 9.64 million shares traded.

A long black candle stick with short upper/lower shadow affirms that investors have no hesitant in selling down the stocks.

Both RSI & MACD are bearish as RSI trend downwards.

Important Resistance of Kepcorp: $10.90

Immediate Support of Kepcorp: $10.71

Currently prices are resisted by 100 days MA at $10.90.

Today high selling pressure was triggered after downgraded by one of the local brokerages.

Although prices closed slightly below the critical support of $10.90, it does not means that the support has given way completely.

Do monitor for any heavy selling and whether prices maintain above the support of $10.90 for confirmation of stability tomorrow.

Since $10.90 support is expected to be very strong, it could be a good entry price ...

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By Dou

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