The plain, humble and boring EZ-Link card. Who would have thought one could make a truckload of savings when using it on public transport? Or to make a purchase?

Don’t believe me? Read on.

#1 Travel Smart Rewards

This is not the first time I’ve written on Travel Smart Rewards – see here. Travel (grab a seat and sleep) during off-peak hours (I exit Dhoby Gaut station before 7:45am everyday) for free, earn points, earn platinum status and win cash rewards! Let’s check out my $124 cash rewards earned in 2015 – I’m not kidding, it’s real!

Jan – $8
Feb – $12
Mar – $15
Apr – $12
May – $6
Jun – $7
Jul – $18
Aug – $30
Sep – $5
Oct – $11

Assuming an average of 20 off-peak morning trips ($1.83 each) per month, over the course of 10 months from January to October, …