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Everything You Need To Know About The (Lack Of) Poverty Line In Singapore
By My 15 Hour Work Week  •  January 20, 2016
I was quite surprised to see this piece of news about a week ago regarding MOE revamping the Social Studies syllabus and including recent hot-button issues like the NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) syndrome and poverty in Singapore. I mentioned the news to some of my students and when some of the more curious ones probed me further on the poverty line, I realised I could not give a very coherent response. Yes, even when I already have most of the content and information inside that grey matter of mine. Therefore, I have decided to compile a piece to help them and others understand this issue better.

1. Poverty Line? Yes or No? Why and Why Not?

What is a poverty line and what does it do? This issue caught Singapore’s attention after Hong Kong imposed a poverty line in late 2013 that puts one fifth of its people under ......
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By My 15 Hour Work Week
Hi, I am Thomas (a.k.a. Mr 15HWW) and I am in my early thirties. Very happily married (very strong emphasis here), I am the co-writer behind this blog. The other permanent writer is my wife Jasmine who has written two blog post so far (good luck searching for it here). But well, her contribution goes far and deep since she thinks she is actually the mastermind behind the rest of the other post ...

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