Netlink NBN Trust is the sole owner of Singapore’s passive fibre network infrastructure, which provides nationwide coverage of fibre broadband services. It is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of any infrastructure related to the fibre network, including ducts, manholes, fibre cables, and central offices.

As a business trust, Netlink distributes 100% of its cash flows after company expenses such as management costs and interest payments. This enabled the company to pay shareholders a healthy distribution per share of 4.88 cents over the past year. This translates into an attractive yield of 5.55% based on its closing price of S$0.88 on 8 August 2019.

While the dividend yield is enticing, it is important to find out whether the dividend can be maintained (or increased) going forward. In light of this, I attended Netlink Trust’s 2019 AGM for more business insights.

Here are 10 things I learned from the