When opening a brokerage account, there are 2 options: custodian accounts or CDP accounts. For  stocks held in your CDP account, you legally own a share of the company. Hence, you would be invited to attend AGMs, and you will receive other forms of shareholder communication. As for custodian accounts, your brokerage firm will be the ones notifying you regarding any corporate actions.

If you have no interests in attending the company’s AGMs, custodian accounts are more likely to appeal to you. Custodian accounts typically charge a lower commission rate as compared to CDP accounts. Personally, I started off with a DBS Vickers Cash Upfront Account as DBS Vickers allowed me to open an account even though I was under 21 years old. However, I recently opened an account with Saxo Trading as it offered lower commision rates and easier access to equities from all over the world. The difference