AEM Holdings (SGX: AWM) is an equipment solutions provider to largely semiconductor industry with some exposure to 5G as well. This is a stock that I invested in and exited fairly early to realize the sizable amount of profit, at least for newbie like me haha. Unfortunately, my “crystal ball” didn’t tell me that AEM would continue to rise further but profit is still profit!

In the recent market crash, AEM saw its share price plunged by over 40% from $2.30 to $1.30. What caught my attention was that it bounced back to $2.03 so quickly. Keep in mind that all of this happened just within a span of 2 months. With such peculiar movement, I decided to look into AEM again and attempt to comprehend what’s making investors feeling so great about this business.

AEM chart from Yahoo Finance

Revenue, net income and FCF Y-O-Y

Data from MorningStar

This time round, I included revenue because profit margin