In a recent video that AutoWealth did as a pre-cursor to the 2nd edition of Seedly Robo Wars, there were quite a bit of information that might be interesting to current and would-be investors of the platform.

Apparently, they already have this product called Flexi-Cash (2019) for cash management needs where the underlying investment in short-term treasury bills guaranteed by  the issuing governments. I was neither aware of it, nor did I need it. Pretty much been automating my investments.

In the pipeline (2020) is AutoWealth Plus for more “advanced” investors who want to take on higher risk and aim to achieve better returns. Tai Zhi did not elaborate on what it was and I’m not even sure if I need it.

The intended launch for SRS and CPF offerings at the end of April is postponed (possibly due to the current situation?) and maybe we’d get in it 2020 too.

How is AutoWealth