The origin story – I started my blog in 2013 because it wasn’t easy to get information on index investing for the Singaporean context. I was convinced that this style of investing for the long term i.e. indexing is what I was most aligned with as a person. It has been more than five years since I had written a particularly well-received post with over 100+ comments on establishing Bogleheads 3-Fund Portfolio in Singapore.

I had to make an effort to remember that back then in 2014, there was no such thing as robo-advisors in Singapore, and the choice of low cost ETFs were a lot more limited. Ah, how things have changed for the better.

I think?

I hardly re-post any of my content, and this meant that all the index investing stuff I wrote about in the past would be buried in the archives of this blog, which is at the half-way mark of its eighth year.