Dear Readers,
Thank you for coming here.
When I was young and in school, I was taught the basic and simple way to learn:
1) Pre-read before the class
2) Listen and ask questions during the class
3) Revisit and apply after the class – to me and my peers, this meant spending 8-10 hours on exercise books and tests every day.
Fun? Not really.
Designed for maximum effectiveness with the latest discoveries, such as brain technology? Probably not.
But it was easy to follow and yet effective. It got me into a top university in China and then Singapore after all.
However, I could not remember since when this way of learning became unacceptable to me.
The reason? So much things to learn vs so little time.
Look at the options we have: online classes, short videos, books, blogs, learning from peers etc etc. And there are so many within each of the categories. Take reading for example