MoneyOwl has just launched a new product called WiseSaver which aims to provide investors with higher returns than retail deposits, e.g. fixed deposits, Singapore Saving Bonds with no lock-in period for absolute liquidity.

By investing through WiseSaver, you are looking at a return of 0.79% p.a., which is the gross indicative yield of the underlying cash fund, and may fluctuate as market and economic conditions change.

That makes this product a perfect tool for a portion of your emergency cash savings because you will have access to your funds within 2 working days, whenever you need them.

“WiseSaver is a product that we have worked hard on in collaboration with Fullerton. There is no advisory fee as well as platform fee charged on this product. You are literally saving into a product at “wholesale” price with no middleman cost.”

Christopher Tan, Executive Director of MoneyOwl

There’s really not a lot to say about WiseSaver because the product is super easy to understand and MoneyOwl did a great job at explaining the product on their website.