I like to celebrate being wrong. This is because in the financial markets, being right is overrated.

My training program has value because it is also a historical record about pretty epic mistakes we made as a class, from judging the Indian elections wrongly and missing out on a 40% gain and misreading SPH’s pivot to nursing homes as an astute gamble instead of a horrible mistake.

First off, I totally misread GE2020 and failed to anticipate an upset in Seng Kang. I genuinely thought that PAP’s attack on Raesah would polarise Chinese voters and nullify Jamus’ star power.

Secondly, I actually told my students that PAP would win with a margin of over 70% because of flight to quality that happens in REIT and Bond markets in a recession. That was also an epic mistake.

That being said, even though I voted PAP at Holland-Bukit Timah,  I am fairly pleased with the outcome. PAP cannot be