One of the most fun things about dabbling in Twitter is that pretty regularly, there are various initiatives that promote engagement. I usually enjoy these more as an audience because I’m curious about these folks behind the writing!

One of these is rather similar to the idea of passing the baton whereby the blogger is tasked to do something, then tags a few others to do the same, and the cycle goes on.

Thanks for the nomination! My article is published, and I nominate @turtle_investor@ESB_FI @liztai @MindingMy30s @marcus_keong @gouldninja

— Rich | SideHustleRich (@vinyarb) July 21, 2020

SideHustleRich tagged me to answer ten of his questions and so, I sportingly did it! His own blog post answered the ten questions that were posed by M & S who are currently retired.