As I was thinking back on my life and my past decisions.
I came up with an estimate of how much I wasted throughout my 38 years of living and my time with my wife.

Now, of course these losses/expenses are based on my current view of life.
Maybe when I was younger, I would think this money was well spent.
Also, there are some expenses which I don’t regret.
Like spending S$400 for a buffet for 2 at Raffles Hotel. It was a very nice experience. Expensive. I probably won’t do it again, but it was still fun that day.

And yet, it’s hard to say that the loss of all this S$100k was for nothing.
Cos… there’s always the experience, the learning lessons, etc…
Not to mention, that if some of the risky bets I made turned in my favour, then I would have made money instead. So it’s hard to really say that all these “losses” are just money down the drain.