July 2020 is over and time for another portfolio update. This month has seen quite abit of changes in my portfolio. As the market react to US-China tensions, high unemployment rates and the pandemic, prices have been fluctuating.

I have decided to trim down my portfolio when possible. So this month, I sold First REIT at a price of $0.56 because to be honest, I am very disappointed in the management. First REIT was one of the first stock that I bought in 2017 and I have received about $254.90 dividends from it but lost about $655.95 from the sale of it.

This is because my buying price was high at about $1.20 in 2017. I really want to trim and remove some counters in my portfolio that are dragging the performance down. I tried selling Design Studio (D11.SI) a few weeks back but I