It’s time for another monthly update. Nothing exciting for the month of July and my monthly passive income collected from my investment portfolio is around $4.4k . Compare to 2019 July, the dividend /interest collected from my stock/bond portfolio is down by around $1.6K. While we’ve seen some small recovery and ups and downs, the market remain volatile, with perhaps the slightest bit of pandemic apprehension due to increasing numbers around the world again. My liquid networth continued to increase by another 1.6% in July contributed by improving financial market, salary contribution and one of lowest monthly expense in recent years.  Current investment portfolio is sitting on a -8.5% paper loss end of Jul however the loss will be much reduced if I factor in the dividend yield. My overall dividend yield has dropped to 5.84% after accounting all the dividend cut and suspension.

As a result of volatile market throughout 2020 and dividend suspension/cut