I received a promotional email yesterday (5th August 2020) on upcoming weekend sales discount of up till S$250K for a unit at Woodleigh Residences.  Is property price finally softening? This COVID-19 recession sure is different from the 2008 Global financial Crisis for properties. I recalled that properties price crash by 30% to 40% then. But the Singapore property market appears resilient during this COVID-19 period with only slight decline in prices so far. This is incredible. No wonder Germaine Chow of iQuadrant keeps saying in her advertisements that property prices do not fluctuate as wildly as the stock market (Anyway, I am having an overdoes of Germaine Chow-she keeps popping up on my YouTube videos-would appreciate if anyone can provide technical tips on how can I disable her advertisements).

S$250K VVIP discount is a lot. Anyone thinking of getting a unit at Woodleight Residences? Or more discou