This is a quick update on my SRS account.

I had eventually decided to go with Endowus for my SRS funds. I like the transparent and low fees that Endowus is providing for retail investor like me to gain access to some of the best global equity funds. You can see some of the comparison I did here for SRS investment.

However, I feel that the global equity market is recovering way ahead of the actual economic recovery. As such I have put my SRS into Cash Smart Enhanced for now. I know I should not be timing the market but putting in a lump sum into the equity market now gets too emotional for me. So I have decided to put my SRS into Cash Smart Enhanced to earn a higher interest than 0.05% while I slowly DCA into the 100% Equity funds.

So far for about 2 months into Cash Smart Enhanced, it is already giving me way more returns than what OCBC would have given me in a year.