The recent economic downturn triggered by COVID-19 resulted in global interest rates being slashed to an all-time low, causing many investors to seek out higher returns in the capital markets. At times like this, I’m glad my CPF continues to generate 2.5 – 5%* annually for me, and I hope that more readers will start to appreciate the basic tenet that CPF plays in every Singaporean’s personal finance game plan. 

If you haven’t already mastered your personal finance game plan, here’s what I’d suggest for a start:

  1. Cut your expenses (eliminate non-essential spending)

The Circuit Breaker has made many of my friends realise that they never really needed stuff like that gym membership when there’s so many home fitness options available for free (or for a much reduced fee). They’ve already saved between $70 – $100+ a month without these memberships, and for myself,