Photo by Vlad Hilitanu on Unsplash

Dear readers,

Thank you for coming here.

I started my series “How to be a good employee to increase your salary 10 times in 10 years” a few weeks ago, based on my actual experiences and thoughts as an individual contributor.

I am glad to have received some feedback from my readers saying that the series is helpful.

I stepped into my current managerial role as a senior consulting director about 9 months ago. While I am still exploring how to be a good manager, I have gathered some thoughts and learnings.

Initially, I planned to start this series “How to be a good manager” in a few years when I have enough experience.

Then it came to me “Why wait?”. I could share my thoughts and learnings along the way. It may not be that insightful or even structured.

But this is a great place to record down my thoughts and better still, I